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Vera Jonas



Vera Jonas was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1987. Her family had already been living in Iraq for 4 years, because of her father's work. She was 1 years old when they all returned to Budapest.

Her first musical influences are coming from his father, who plays bass guitar in local bands in his free time. Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Cream and Steppenwolf took an enormous effect on Vera, although she was never a real fan of them.

At the age of 15, Vera started digging in her roots, finding her jewish heritage coming from her father's side. It was a very important and emblematic period in her life, as she started broadening her musical taste with jewish and arabic sounds.

After 2 years of taking classical singing lessons, Vera started singing in a balkan gypsy-folk band called Travarica for couple of years, playing in various festivals and venues across the country. Going to university, studiing social sciences, she started listening to jazz and took piano lessons again, but mostly learned how to play by herself. In 2008 she formed her first own seven piece band called Jonas Project playing and recording her own compositions, along with re-arrangments of songs by her favourite pianist, Brad Mehldau.

Vera's first most influential master is Viktor Toth, well known mainstream-avantgarde alto saxophonist. They met at a jazz workshop and they're good friends ever since. Viktor's way of approaching and absorbing music made an enormous impact on her songwriting and performing skills.

Apart from playing with her own band, Vera collaborated with many young upcoming artists, including drummer Marton Juhasz (Joint Ventures, MNM3, Tzumo Trio), guitarist Gabor Csongradi (Mindsweeper, Mester Daniel Quartet) and Marton Fenyvesi (Modern Art Orchestra, Balazs Elemer Sextet, Szőke Nikoletta Trio), playing at festivals and clubs around Budapest.

In 2009 Vera got accepted to the London Centre of Contemporary Music in the United Kingdom where her masters are Roberto Pla, Sid Gauld, Anna Stubbs and Pete Zeldman, to name a few.In that year she already started performing, opening for the Monika Lidke Quartet at the London Jazz Festival.

She also began working with keyboard player and producer Gibbs King (Roots Manuva, NFA), co-writing and producing electronic music. Their first release is coming out in 2011. Their tunes are based on pop-funk hooks and beats, with haunting spoken lyrics and vocal harmonies. In 2010 Vera formed a new international band and recorded a new EP entitled "Pyjama Sessions" in Amsterdam, Holland. Including Marton Fenyvesi's arrangements, they found a good cohesion in co-writing as much as arranging and playing together.

Marton Fenyvesi


"Despite the fact that Marton Fenyvesi's in his early twenties, he managed to create a unique sound, incomparable to any other guitarist." RevizorOnline

Marton Fenyvesi's music is best defined by a strive and a constant seek for balance and true paths. We may find his name listed in the experimental Daniel Vaczi Quintrio's, or Modern Art Orchestra's (led by Kornel Fekete-Kovacs) personnel, just as much as in the pop influenced Vera Jonas „Pyjama Sessions” project, the intimate and acoustic sounding Nikoletta Szoke Trio, or in the mainstream jazz scene with the Elemer Balazs Sextet. His own compositions gained recognition in the Amsterdam-Budapest Underground band, his arrangements are played in Vera Jonas „Pyjama Sessions” project and the Linda Kovacs Quartet, as well as his big band arrangements in the Modern Art Orchestra on a regular basis. His skills and unique ideas were rewarded in several well-known competitions and scholarships: he won 1st prize for best jazz band on Hungary's first jazz composer's competition in 2008. He became a finalist and won 3rd prize on the International Jazz Soloist competition in Monaco, 2010 as the youngest contestant. In 2009 he won scholarship from the Conservatorium von Amsterdam, in 2010 collected another one from the Ablakos-Lakatos Dezso foundation.


Marton was born in 1986 to a musical family (his father, Bela Fenyvesi, composer, arranger and founding member of the Szelkialto Collective). His musical studies began at the age of 4, became a student of Zoltan Toth and Erika Sara at the Apaczai Music School at the age of 6. Going to secondary and highschool, Marton participated in numerous musical competitions across the country (won main prize on the 1st Children's Festival, and the Helikon Celebrations in the categories of contemporary and classical music)

Was taught jazz guitar and music theory by Zoltan Toth and Krisztian Horvath, got accepted to the Egressy Beni Music School in Budapest in 2005, his teachers were Csaba Czirjak and József Barcza-Horvath, meanwhile he took group lessons with Tibor Markus and Gabor Juhasz at the Bela Bartok Conservatory. In 2006 Marton got accepted to the Franz Liszt Music Academy's jazz department, his teachers were Gyula Babos and Sandor Horanyi.

His first appearances were with Agi Szaloki's „ Listener” quintet, and the Elemer Balazs Group and quartet in 2008, later he got invited to Kornel Fekete-Kovacs's first symphonic orchestra, playing with Kalman Olah, Gabor Winand, Jozsef Balazs, Andras Des, Viktor Hars and former teacher Jozsef Barcza-Horvath (who's own formation includes Marton still today). Later he was on stage with names like Daniel Szabo, Matyas Szandai and Janos Nagy. His first appearance on an album was with the Elemer Balazs Sextet ("Always that Moment II", 2008 BMC Records).

From 2009 he plays with singer Klara Hajdu, later with Linda Kovacs's band as an arranger aswell (Teach me Silence, 2009, BB Productions). In 2010 he gets invited to to Nikoletta Szoke's second trio, playing abroad and in Hungary aswell regurarly. In 2010, he accompnaies Nikoletta on a jazz singer's compilation album, released by Hunnia Records. („ Divas in the Kitchen” , 2010 Hunnia)

He's a soloist on Kristof Bacso's composition entitled „ Budapest Anzix” , played by the Modern Art Orchestra, which Marton's been a member of since 2010. His first big band arrangements were played on the T-Mobile Connection Concert (supporting Rod Stuart), accompaniing Viktor Kiraly and Ibolya Olah. His first author's concert took place in Barka Theatre in 2010.

Marton's first own band was formed in 2008 (Marton Fenyvesi Trio), palying with Bendeguz Varga and Balazs Horvath, and in 2009, he formed his quartet with saxophonist Janos Aved. They played at various well known festivals and venues (Athens European Jazz Festival, Celebration of Hungarian Jazz, Valley of Arts, Palace of Art Showcase etc.).

He formed his first international quartet, the Amsterdam-Budapest Underground in 2009, playing on numerous tours and single gigs around Europe. (more info about the AB Underground:

His second trio, MNM is formed with drummer Marton Juhasz, living in Boston and double bass player Norbert Farkas , living in Graz. They presented their music at the Lamantin Jazz Festival, and played a tour in England in 2010.

Marton started working with singer-songwriter Vera Jonas, living in London in 2010 as an arranger and composer. The EP entitleed „Vera Jonas Pyjama Sessions” was recorded in October that year in Amsterdam, with the Amsterdam-Budapest Underground. The EP fetaured Daniel Mester, saxophonist.

Marton is an active music teacher since September 2010, teaching at the Egressy Beni Music School, he teaches privatly guitar and music theory as well.

About teaching

Since September 2010, I teach at the Egressy Beni Music School, and I also give private lessons, teachning guitar and music theory. I gained a lot of inspiration in the past years from taking classical guitar lessons from Erika Sara, David Pavlovits and Ede Roth, as much as from my jazz guitar tutors, Csaba Czirjak, Gyula Babos, Sandor Horanyi, Jesse van Ruller, Maarten van der Grinten and Martijn van Iterson which inspires me to improve constantly and to form a conceptional musical thinking.

It means a lot to me, that my first teaching job is at the same musical institution, where i used to study 5 years ago. My teaching collegues have a great inpact on me still today, they are my present role models.

I do private lessons in the following topics: jazz guitar - from beginners to advanced; classical guitar - beginners; music theory.


"Despite the fact that Marton Fenyvesi's in his early twenties, he managed to create a unique sound, incomparable to any other guitarist." Laszlo Kolozsi, RevizorOnLine

"He searches, seeks, learning from the ancestors, how to cultivate his own voice." Kornel Zipernovszky, Revizor

"However Teach Me Silence is a milestone in the young jazz singer, Linda Kovacs's life: it's not only the first album of her – 9-year-old – quartet, but it might be this season's most unique and most loveable jazz project in the country. However what Linda Kovacs knows and represents is just as unique as universal: precious, descent, internal feminine jazz, despite of the fact that she's surrounded by men in her band." Bela Szilard Javorszky, Nepszabadsag